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Stumbling on Happiness. Daniel Gilbert

Stumbling on Happiness. Daniel GilbertStumbling on Happiness. Daniel Gilbert

Despite the third word of the title, this is not an instruction manual that will tell you anything useful about how to be happy. Those books are located in the self-help section two aisles over, and once you’ve bought one, done everything it says to do, and found yourself miserable anyway, you can always come back here to understand why. Instead, this is a book that describes what science has to tell us about how and how well the human brain can imagine its own future, and about how and how well it can predict which of those futures it will most enjoy.

This book is about a puzzle that many thinkers have pondered over the last two millennia, and it uses their ideas (and a few of my own) to explain why we seem to know so little about the hearts and minds of the people we are about to become. The story is a bit like a river that crosses borders without benefit of passport because no single science has ever produced a compelling solution to the puzzle. Weaving together facts and theories from psychology, cognitive neuroscience, philosophy, and behavioral economics, this book allows an account to emerge that I personally find convincing but whose merits you will have to judge for yourself.

Continuous Delivery. David Farley and Jez Humble

Continuous Delivery. David Farley and Jez HumbleContinuous Delivery. David Farley and Jez Humble

Yesterday your boss asked you to demonstrate the great new features of your system to a customer, but you can’t show them anything. All your developers are halfway through developing new features and none of them can run the application right now. You have code, it compiles, and all the unit tests pass on your continuous integration server, but it takes a couple of days to release the new version into the publicly accessible UAT environment. Isn’t it unreasonable to expect the demo at such short notice?

Власть и влияние. Джеффри Пфеффер.

Власть и влияние. Джеффри Пфеффер.Власть и влияние. Джеффри Пфеффер.

Как читать книги. Сергей Поварнин

Как читать книги. Сергей ПоварнинКак читать книги. Сергей Поварнин

Небольшой мануал о том как правильно читать книги — в целом, кроме общих рекомендаций типа "читайте внимательно" автор не дает какой-то методики или практического свода правил которые можно было бы применить в реальной жизни, и это особенно с учетом того что поток информации со времен написания ...